06/11/2017 10:00

Due to new legislation, the distillers and blenders of a famous malt and blended whisky required a new seamless floor coating system to replace their existing tiled flooring. The existing ceramic tile floor had to be retained due to cost and time limitations.

The new floor coating had to be seamless with FDA food contact approval to comply with the legislation.

Pictures: Original Ceramic Tiled Flooring

There were many challenges faced during this project. There could be no operational shutdown and therefore surface preparation and coating application had to take place within a live production area, with no disruption to the normal operating processes of the workplace allowed.

Conventional paints could not be used as their smell would cause disruption to other workers within the vicinity. Conventional paints also carry significant health & safety risks (e.g. risk of explosion). A solvent-free coating was therefore required.

As the ceramic tiles were not to be removed, a coating with exceptional adhesion to ceramic tiles was also required.

After minimal surface preparation through water jetting was carried out, Chemco's Easi-prime™ RX 500P, a water-based epoxy with excellent adhesion to ceramic tiles was applied. This was followed by one topcoat of solvent-free, wet tolerant, glassflake epoxy Epo-chem™ RA 500M, which is FDA approved for food contact.

Pictures: Completed Application

The work was successfully completed within the tight timeframe given by the client. Substantial time and cost savings were achieved by the client as the use of conventional paints would have resulted in complete operational shutdown and long, time consuming delays to production.

Benefits of using Chemco's unique technology:

  • Solvent-free solution
  • Increased applicator safety
  • No requirement to remove existing ceramic tiles
  • No disruption to the normal operating processes of the work place
  • Significantly reduced H&S and Fire Hazards
  • Substantial time and cost savings achieved over the use of conventional paints


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