22/02/2018 12:00

The aggressive nature of the caustic chemicals held within four process tanks caused a major leakage which required to be repaired. Surface preparation had to be undertaken in a restricted working environment. There could also be no disruption to the normal day-to-day operations ongoing throughout the site.

Pictures: After Surface Preparation

The tanks were drained and washed to remove salt and other potential contamination from the surface.
All surfaces were abrasive blasted to Sa 2½ to achieve a minimum surface profile of 75μ.
All edges, angles and welds were stripe coated with solvent-free, high temperature and chemically resistant Novolac epoxy Epo-chem™ RW 500. This was then followed by two full coats of Epo-chem™ RW 500.

Pictures: Stripe Coating, Applying First Coat and Second Coat Respectively with RW 500

The tanks were successfully relined simultaneously, just one week before the closure of the plant over the Christmas shutdown. Substantial time and cost savings were achieved using this solution as there was no disruption to the normal operating processes of the facility.

The following benefits were achieved by utilising this solution:

  • Solvent-free
  • Exceptional high temperature and chemical resistance
  • No disruption to daily working processes
  • Reduced H&S and Fire Hazards

For more information on the related product, please click here: Epo-chem™ RW 500

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