Swimming Pool Coatings

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Chemco's swimming pool coating system comprises of two products offering an innovative solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant solution:

This swimming pool coating system offers long-term maintenance-free performance and also has no recoating interval limitations. The unique capabilities of these products allow any surface preparation method to be utilised prior to coating application.

The solvent-free nature of these products also allow other work within the vicinity (including hot work) to continue without disruption, offering our customers substantial time and cost savings, especially during dry docking.

Chemco's swimming pool coating system is now being used and is specified by many of the major cruise ship companies from all around the world.

System Benefits:

  • Solvent-free
  • Wet & rust tolerant
  • Quick and easy refurbishment (no disruption to vessel operations)
  • Significantly reduced H&S and Fire Hazard
  • No grit blasting requirements
  • No humidity or dew point restrictions
  • No recoating limitations
  • Smooth, seamless and aesthetically-pleasing finish
  • Troublesome tile-based systems can be replaced with ease
  • Exceptional chlorine resistance
  • Long-term maintenance-free performance


       Before Application                               Applying Stripe Coat                           Applying Primer Coat                           Completed Application

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